Meanwhile in Toronto


Meanwhile in Toronto


Being adorable - Sherri and Teri on Stage at the GLAAD Awards 2014.

"I met my wife at a Star Trek convention. She was study abroad from France and spoke little English, and I didn’t know a lick of French. So, for the first few months of our relationship, we communicated by speaking Klingon."

Hear more tales of nerdery in this week’s Pwn Up! (via dorkly)

Okay I’m not even a Star Trek fan but that’s beautiful.

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New Trailer: ‘Orange Is the New Black' Season 2 - June 6


Tumblr Dashboard Image Sizes:

  • Photo post: 500 by 750 pixels for dashboard view; 1280 by 1920 pixels for high-res version (except for superwide panoramas).
  • Photoset: 500-pixel width for one image in a photoset row. 245-pixel width for two images in a photoset row. 160-pixel width for three images in a photoset row. Gutters are 10 pixels.
  • Audio Post: 169 by 169 pixels for album art.
  • Link Post: 130 by 130 pixels for the thumbnail image grabbed by Tumblr from web link (if available).
  • Text Post: 125-pixel width for images added to a text post, which expand when clicked.
  • Avatar: 64-by-64-pixel icon next to posts.

She’s also the most grounded, down to earth, sweetest girl. The Social



Please watch it.

So disgusting.

Karma and I aren’t faking being lesbians

Karma is

I’m not so sure

Came home to see this in the mailbox! yay :D :D

Came home to see this in the mailbox! yay :D :D